Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dear Grandma

I always loved this picture of my Grandma. It's her High School graduation picture in the 1940's and I think she looks like a movie star. Worlds apart from what i looked like on my graduation. I can't remember for sure but my hair was either purple or pink ;)
Anyways...Last time i was in Brazil i decided to take pictures of the original photo to have the image with me, and also with the idea to recreate the hairstyle and show it to my Grandma. I asked her for tips too, but she wasn't very keen on explaining it to me claiming it was too out of style. We love each other to death but she could never accept the idea that i don't want to look like everyone else, and i know she meant well. So after much procrastination, I finally decided to give it a go on the last day of Viva Las Vegas. The conditions were less than ideal considering i only had the small hotel mirror to work with and very little time since missing Wanda Jackson's concert was not an option. So even though the result is not as good as I would have liked, i think is decent enough for me to post the pictures, until i try it again with more time ahead of me.

The faux bang turned out neater than what they look like in the picture. But there's a sort of nest of curls on the top of the head that give the impression that there's a big mess going on. Due to some wardrobe malfunctions i ended up having to pick a dress by default, and it doesn't really goes with the style i was going for, but whatever. Is better than walking around the casino with a duck clip in my head like i did on the previous night!!!

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