Monday, May 31, 2010

Denver Art Deco

I'm sure most people don't know that, but Denver has a lot of really cool architecture, which is one of the main reasons why i like living here so much. I didn't have a clue either before I moved here. All I knew about Colorado was
"South Park". Needless to say it isn't really like that...
I love how when you're driving around and going from one neighborhood to the next, you can totally tell when the houses were build, and that tells you the story of the city. Here are just a few pictures of some cute Art Deco buildings close to my house.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Furniture shopping spree 1

This is MY room. Where i keep all my stuff and where i go when i want to be alone or work on things. It is also the guest room.

1939 electric Singer sewing machine. To be honest i have yet to use to sew, but those machines are gorgeous! This is what it looks like when it's open.

Closed as a desk

Deco era armoire. It's a constant reminder of how little clothes and shoes people use to own comparing to today. I Like to imagine what used to be stored in this armoire. My guess is: 1 suit, 1 evening dress, 1 coat, a few day dresses, skirts and shirts and that's it, cause nothing else would fit in there!

This is a 1945 Vanity. It was only 70$!!!

My Vanity set. I think the print is beautiful, and the crochet underneath was made by my lovely Grandma :)

This is where i keep some of my shoes that don't fit in the closet. Since most of these are high heels and i don't get to where them very often, they are mostly there for my viewing pleasure.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Insides

Here are a few photos of what my house looks like from the inside. It's pretty late so I'll do a separate post with close up pics of the gorgeous pieces of furniture I've been scoring lately. The kitchen is gonna be in a separate post too because i can't never seem to get it picture ready.

I Finally got some things planted on my little garden patch. Mostly herbs and some flowers. I'll take more pictures once it looks like there's actually something growing in it :)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Happy House 2

Now this is the house that is right in front of mine ( which I rent) and that is for sale for a really good price and i really want to buy! It needs quite a bit of work, but it has so much potential! And it's so cuuuute!

Happy House

So this is what my new house looks like from the outside. I'm planning on planting some rosemary and lavender below the windows.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Spring Has Sprung

Hi everyone!
The goal of this blog is for me to share a slice of my life with my family and friends spread all over. And also to share my Denver likes ( and some of life's dislikes...), and maybe answer the constant "Why are you there/ how is it like/what do you do/ What does it look like"

I'll be posting pictures news and more soon!

Thank's for coming!