Thursday, May 27, 2010

Furniture shopping spree 1

This is MY room. Where i keep all my stuff and where i go when i want to be alone or work on things. It is also the guest room.

1939 electric Singer sewing machine. To be honest i have yet to use to sew, but those machines are gorgeous! This is what it looks like when it's open.

Closed as a desk

Deco era armoire. It's a constant reminder of how little clothes and shoes people use to own comparing to today. I Like to imagine what used to be stored in this armoire. My guess is: 1 suit, 1 evening dress, 1 coat, a few day dresses, skirts and shirts and that's it, cause nothing else would fit in there!

This is a 1945 Vanity. It was only 70$!!!

My Vanity set. I think the print is beautiful, and the crochet underneath was made by my lovely Grandma :)

This is where i keep some of my shoes that don't fit in the closet. Since most of these are high heels and i don't get to where them very often, they are mostly there for my viewing pleasure.

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