Sunday, June 6, 2010


I fell in love with this bedroom set at an antique store a while a go. It also comes with a beautiful foot and headboard. The only problem is that there was a "sold" sticker on them. So for months every time I went back in the store, I'd run to see if the set was still there, and there it was, gorgeous, and with the "sold" sticker on. I finally started bugging the owner about it, because nobody ever came to pick it up! Time went by and on a recent trip to the store, the owner finally told me that he never heard back from the people that had put a down payment on it, so he agreed to sell it to me with a discount! I'm soooo happy! So these are the pictures of the infamous set in my bedroom.

On a different note, I just realized the other day that this gorgeous rose bush is right under my bedroom window.

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